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You Do Not Have To Be Rich To Help Others Now

  So many people think you need to rich or wealthy in order to help people… However, I am here to prove to you that you do not have to be rich to help others now… Don’t you know you are more than what your bank account does or does not have in it? Don’t you know you have been bestowed many

I just got done writing a blog post that will make you take a good long hard look at how you can help others regardless of your income bracket. Check it out now and be sure to leave a comment on the blog letting me know what you think and any suggestions/questions you may have 🙂


How Hungry Are You For Success?

Just got done writing this post… How hungry are you for success? Check it out and let me know :)

Go here now: http://perfectfundedproposal.com/personal-development-2/how-hungry-are-you-for-success/

‘Don’t just pitch, enrich!’ ~ Jamie Pelaez and ‘If you are doing more pitching than enriching then you have the process backwards. When you keep enriching others you will get to a point where you will never have to pitch another day in your life.’ ~ Jamie Pelaez http://bit.ly/u3NG8F

How to Comment On Blog Posts You Know Nothing About

Have you ever went to a blog post of a friend’s or colleague’s website and the blog post was good, but it did not interest you and you leave without commenting or sharing? What if I could show you how that info you think is not relevant to you actually is and not only that but how to comment on blog posts/videos you know nothing about? Get the how to here, so you can leave some blog love despite knowing nothing about the subject: http://perfectfundedproposal.com/blogging-tips/how-to-comment-on-blog-posts-you-know-nothing-about/

‘A woman’s heart should be so lost in YaHuWaH, that a man has to seek HIM to find her.” ~Ruwach Qaduwsha Inspired, Author Unknown http://bit.ly/sRroix

Save Money Without Coupons | Manager’s Specials

Couponing is a great way to save, however for those looking for ways to save on essentials without coupons or those wanting to stretch their buck even further with coupons… Manager’s specials aka markdowns can help you save 50-75% without coupons.

See tips on how to save 50-75% off organic and healthy goods without coupons here: http://www.jamiepelaez.com/save-money-without-coupons-managers-specials/

Larry Rivera’s 90 Day Blogging Challenge

Tto make up for lost time and to prove I can do better than I have in previous months… I have accepted one of my best friends Larry Rivera’s 90 Day Blogging Challenge. It’s nothing official, more like a verbal challenge he received and passed on to me. Since he challenged me, I found it fitting to call it his challenge.

To read the full post go here: http://www.jamiepelaez.com/larry-riveras-90-day-blogging-challenge/

Hope you will join me in blogging for 90 days straight!